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Liz Masoner

Liz Masoner

Deep Southern US


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Brick and Mortar Gallery Representation: Blue Phrog - Montevallo, AL

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There really isn't a way to describe my photography. Sometimes it is simple and other times it is dark and heavily edited. Whatever my photography is today, I hope you find some enjoyment in the resulting images.

I have been involved with photography for about 30 years (and if any of you know just how that much time flew by that fast I'd love to know). My first love is nature photography but I have experience in a wide range of photography types. I've been a photojournalist, an event photographer, a portrait photographer, a photography teacher, and a photography writer as well.

It's been a long, crazy journey and I look forward to the next adventure.


Perfect Day by Liz Masoner


Japanese Garden by Liz Masoner


Monarch Butterflies by Liz Masoner


Into the Distance by Liz Masoner


Sandhill Cranes Takeoff by Liz Masoner


Mississippi Kite Stare by Liz Masoner


Great Horned Owl Glare by Liz Masoner


Translucent Blooms by Liz Masoner


Illumination by Liz Masoner


Solitary by Liz Masoner


Blue Seashells by Liz Masoner


Breakfast in the Surf by Liz Masoner


After the Storm by Liz Masoner


Alone by Liz Masoner


Morning Waves by Liz Masoner


Resting by Liz Masoner


Graceful by Liz Masoner


Coosa's Stare by Liz Masoner


Red-Winged Blackbird Flight by Liz Masoner


Egret's Flight by Liz Masoner